Our mission at STARCON is to support and refine the collaboration habit & mindset of the broader StartUp and Fintech ecosystems in Thailand and Germany and help stakeholders and clients to make distinctive, sustainable and substantial improvements in their performance.


We believe StartUp entrepreneurs have a right to access to most advanced support systems and services available in other parts of the world to suite their needs and we are thrilled to help identify and connect with them.


On top of this more than 20 years of experience in the airline, travel and customer payment industry of the owner will help to kick start, grow and scale their business.


Connect – Ecosystems

You are part of the StartUp / Fintech ecosystem and like to connect with peers in Germany or Thailand

You are a public or private organization shaping the StartUp / Fintech ecosystem in Germany and looking for a representative or on-site contact in Thailand

You are interested in formats (e.g. incubation, mentoring, workplace) of established players and shapers of the german StartUp / Fintech ecosystem and possibilities of collaboration

Grow – StartUps/FinTechs

You are a StartUp in the aviation / travel / tourism environment looking for support (advisory board, business plan, customer journey, mentoring, verticals and target groups)

You are a StartUp / FinTech interested to use contests in Germany or Thailand to scale

You are a FinTech interested in leveraging business opportunities arising from the aviation / travel industry

Innovate - Digital Payments

You are a decision or policy maker in Germany and interested in the development of digital payments in Thailand and how to leverage

You are a merchant from Germany and keen to learn how to grow customer engagement and customer experience through alternative digital payment options

You are a payment service provider from Germany and like to connect with FinTechs in the payment environment from Thailand


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